– made in USA

The RAC 5-Gas Collecting Sampler is a wet-chemical system that samples ambient air for any pollutant gas in which there is a suitable chemical reagent ( absorbing solution) .

The Sampler tests for sulfur dioxide ( SO2) , nitrogen dioxide ( NO2) , hydrogen Sulfide ( H2S) , ammonia ( NH3) , aliphatic aldehydes ( CHO) and other gases reactive to specific chemical solutions. This versatile instrument can be used to accurately sample either a single gas or up to five different gases simultaneously. Simplified design, ease of assembly, and modular components permit modifications of sampling train configuration to meet variable sampling requirements.

The RAC 5 Gas sampler is used for area surveillance by numerous state, county and federal government stations, as well as international projects associated with the World Health Organization.

RAC’ s 5-Gas Sampling System is available as an all-weather shelter model, furnished complete and ready-to-operate. It is fabricated from heavy-gauge steel, has a heavy-duty baked enamel finish, and is suitable for use under all climate conditions.

Features :
Proven performance & reliability
Meets EPA specifications for sampling SO2 & NO2 in ambient air
Lightweight, portable unit

Available with 24-hr. or 7-day timer mechanisms
Integral limiting orifices provides 200 ml/ min flow rate to bubblers
All orifices protected by inline filters & demistors to prevent clogging & flow reduction
Polypropylene bubblers have threaded interchangeable caps ( 2-hole unit for sampling, solid unit for carrying)

Sampler cabinets equipped with thermostatically-controlled heater


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