Made in USA.


ï ¿ ½ Energy Efficient Peltier Design

ï ¿ ½ Sub-zero Plate Temperatures

ï ¿ ½ Small, Compact Size ï ¿ ½ Field Operation Using a Cigarette Lighter Receptacle in any Car or Truck

ï ¿ ½ Twelve-Month Warranty

ï ¿ ½ UL, CSA, and CE Approved Applications:

ï ¿ ½ Freeze 96-Well Assay Plates

ï ¿ ½ Freeze or Chill Centrifuge Tubes in Aluminum Blocks

ï ¿ ½ Freeze Samples in the Field for Later Analysis

ï ¿ ½ Chilled Microscope Stage

ï ¿ ½ Freeze or Chill Any Small Sample Product Description: Model IC10 Electronic Ice Cube is a compact, completely solid state, reliable bench top or field chilling device that is versatile and simple to use. The IC10 is Peltier driven with no controls and, as such, will chill to its maximum capability when in use. The chilling surface is a 7.3cm x 11.1cm aluminum plate that will reach temperatures below 0

ï ¿ ½ C a few minutes after turn on. The temperature that is maintained is load dependent. Sub-zero temperatures can be reached on solid aluminum blocks as large as 10.2cm x 7.6cm x 5.1cm . Blocks 10.2cm) x 15.2cm x 5.1cm can be driven below 4.0

ï ¿ ½ C in less than an hour. When insulated, these large blocks can be driven below 0.0

ï ¿ ½ C. The IC10 comes complete with the chilling module, 12-volt DC power supply with AC line cord, and interconnect cable for connecting the power supply to the chiller module. The interconnect cable is detachable from the power supply and the chiller module.

The end that plugs into the power supply is an automobile cigarette lighter plug. Since the chiller module uses 12 volts DC, using the interconnect cable can connect the chiller module to a car or truck cigarette lighter jack, and the chiller can be used in the field.

Two sample covers are available: one for 96-well assay plates, and a larger one for covering aluminum blocks that will hold centrifuge tubes or other samples.

These blocks also are available as accessories.

Product Specifications:

Plate Temperature Range Unloaded: From ambient to better than 30.0ï ¿ ½ C below ambient. Uniformity of Plate at Sub-zero Temperatures: + 0.5ï ¿ ½ C from center to any edge, even better on large aluminum blocks.

Electrical: 230VAC input at less than 1 amp. Power supply is 50 watts at 12 volts DC.

Chilling Module Size: 16.5cm side to side. 12cm deep. 8.9cm high.

Power Supply Size: 16.5cm long. 8.1cm tall. 5.6cm high.

Weight ( Power Supply and Chilling Module) : 6 pounds ( 2.7kg) .

Accessories Available: IC10-600 Cable for using units with auto cigarette jacks

620-5012 Block, aluminum, 40 holes for 0.5 ml centrifuge tubes.

620-5013 Block, aluminum, 30 holes for 1.5 ml centrifuge tubes.

620-5014 Block, aluminum, 40 holes for 0.5 ml and 15 holes for 1.5 ml

620-5015 Block, aluminum, 96 holes for 0.2 ml PCR tubes spaced for 8 and 12 tube strips.

620-5016 Block, aluminum, for  ” V  ” bottom 96-well assay plates

620-5017 Block, aluminum, for round bottom 96-well assay plates 620-5018 Block, aluminum, 24 holes for 2.0 ml vials 620-5019 Block, aluminum, 384 holes for 384-well assay plates

620-5020 Block, aluminum, for flat bottom 96 and 384-well assay plates

620-5021 Block, aluminum, 24 holes for 10 mm test tubes

620-5022 Block, aluminum, 12 holes for 15/ 16 mm test tubes

620-5023 Block, aluminum, 20 holes for 12/ 13 mm test tubes

620-5024 Block, aluminum, mixed holes for various sized test tubes

620-5025 Block, aluminum, 8 holes for 20 mm test tubes 620-5026 Block, aluminum, 30 holes for 6 mm test tubes

620-5027 Block, aluminum, 12 holes for 15ml centrifuge tubes

620-5028 Block, aluminum, 12 holes for 20ml scintillation vials

620-5030 Block, aluminum, 6 holes for 50ml centrifuge tubes

620-5031 Block, Aluminum, 4-slides for hybridizations, with black cover

620-5032 Block, Aluminum for 30-2.0ml Eppendorf centrifuge tubes

720-0008 Cover, assay plates and all assay plate blocks, 1.75  ” high

720-0009 Cover, aluminum blocks, 3.25  ” high


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