Small Benchtop Centrifuge Ideal for small sample quantities

The EBA 20 is microprocessor-controlled and has a built-in, 8-place, fixed angle rotor.

It accepts a variety of tube sizes up to a volume of 15ml and generates a maximum speed of 6, 000 RPM / 3, 421 RCF.


Features :

Touchpad and digital display

Programmable RPM in increments of 100 Programmable time up to 99 min, and manual hold for quick spins 2 programmable braking levels Housing and lid made of impact resistant plastic Lid lock and hold, imbalance and overheat protection

Specifications : Volume : 8 x 15 ml Max RPM : 6, 000 RPM / 3, 421 RCF with built-in rotorml angle rotor

Run Time Programmable: Minutes only ( 1-99)

Dimensions ( w x h x d) : 9 x 8.5 x 11.5 ”

Net Weights : 9 Lbs


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