AMP1000 AsphaltMixing Plant


AMP1000 AsphaltMixing Plant

AMP1000 AsphaltMixing Plant

AMP1000 AsphaltMixing Plant

Production Capacity : 80 Ton/Jam .

The components of theAsphaltMixing Plant AMP1000 :

1 The batching machine: With 4 units aggregate bins, the volume is 8m3/unit;Belt feeder 4 sets,Belt width 500mm;Wall vibrator 2 sets;Collecting material belt conveyer:1 set width 650mm. Aggregate metering precision ±5%

2 Feeding belt conveyer: Width:650mm; Productivity:100t/h; Motor power:3kw

3 Drying drum: Dimension:1.54m(diameter) ×6.68m(length) Drying time:3~5min Driving motor:4×5.5kw(line reducer 4 sets,total 22kw)

4 Dust collector: 1. Type:vertical cyclone dust collector 2. Wet dust collector (Mode :spraying dust collecting system) Water pump(with bottom valve):IS80-65-125A flow 50m3/h motor power5.5kw; Water pump ( with bottom valve ): IS100-80-125A flow 100m3/h motor power 7.5kw; Draught fan Motor power:37kw Wind volume:19640~31420 m3/h Wind pressure:2187~3197Pa

5 Hot aggregate elevator(double chain type): Chain speed:1.2m/s Motor power: 7.5kw /11kw(with bottom final products bin)

6 Vibrating sieve: Model :two layer four segments driving motor power:7.5kw screening aggregate:4 kinds

7 Hot aggregate storage hopper: Model:4 insulation hopper Hopper volume:10.5 m3

8 weighing system: aggregate weighing hopper : (SSB-Ⅲ-1) ( N=1000kg ) 3 sets(Media) static metering precision: ±0.5% 2.powder weighing hopper:SSB-Ⅲ-0.2 (N=200kg) 3 sets (Media) static metering precision: ±0.25% 3.asphalt weighing hopper:SSB-Ⅲ-0.2 (N=200kg) 3 sets(Media) static metering precision: ±0.25%   9 Main tower: Includes:supporting leg、repairing platform,ladder and handrail and so on.

10 Mixer: Mixer type:Double shaft paddle mixer Mixer volume:1000kg/kettle Driving motor power:22kw×2

11 Powder supplying system: powder storage tank:1 set volume: 13 m3 Hoisting capacity:25t/h power: 4 kW Screw conveyer power: 4 kW 2.Recycling powder screw conveyer: diameter φ219mm 1 set power: 4 kw Production capacity:20t/h

12 Gas circuit control system: main tower air compressor:Plunger type air compressor W-1.0/7

13 Electric control system: Model:Central control system with air condition Weighing and mixing control mode : Manual and automatic control (computer control) system. Motor control:Breaker + short circuit protection + overloading protection+ contactor (Siemens PLC) Power supply voltage:380V,50Hz Control voltage:220V Control room dimension:5.19m(length)×2.25m(width)× 2.50m(height)

14 Asphalt supplying system 1.Asphalt can (For Option) Asphalt tank: volume 25 tons 2unit Discharging oil pool 10 tons 1 unit 2.Direct Coal Burner 30ton 2 units (For option)

15 Burning system 1.impoter oil burner : EB5N Italy 2.Made-in-China oil burner: FRD-550CH Wuhan ZHC550 Changsha 3.coal burner:MFR-1000


1. Delivery Terms: LOCO SURABAYA .

2. Package: 10 CONTAINER 40 FEET .

3. Payment Term: T/T 50% deposit, 50% balance before delivery;

4. Lead time: 90 days after the receipt of deposit;

5. Origin Place: Made in China.


Machinery Designer , Manufacturer , Import & Export .

Address : Jl. Tidar Tengah No.6 Malang – East Java – Indonesia Phone : 62-341-791645 / Mobile 62-811313603 Website : .

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